Winners September 2018 Best Feature Film:
Diamond Award: Jihad (Rakesh Parmaar)
Platinum Award: Hollywood Mouth 3 (Jordan Mohr)
Gold Award: If I Could Run (Shawn Welling)

Best Short Film:

Diamond Awards:
The Noise Of The Light (Hyder Kazmi)
Shallow (Jonathan Cortes)

Platinum Awards:
The Invasion (Ernest Johnson)
Words Left Unsaid (Jonathan Marshall Thompson)

Gold Awards:
Deirdre (Jo Southwell)
Aberdeen Covenant (Ludi Askins)

Silver Awards:
Dress Code (Ernest Johnson)
Raggity Anns (Rachel Neal)

Bronze Awards:
Multifacial (Taz Skylar)
Mamba (Sam Puefua)

Best Web / New Media:
Gangsters (Freddie Basnight)

Best Animation:
Diamond Award: Home (Farkhondeh Torabi)
Platinum Award: Icons (Ronnie Cramer)

Best Documentary:
Diamond Award: Memories OF Warsaw (Robert Webster)
Platinum Award: Namibia (Matthieu Vinel)
Gold Award: The Eviction (Andy Galloway)
Silver Award: Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists (John L Potash)

Best Music Video:
Diamond Award: Unhappy Holiday (Anna Haas)
Platinum Award: Bad Sex Face by The Tim Lancaster Conspiracy (Giovanni Martins)
Gold Award: Long Time (Cassandre Émanuel)

Best Director:
Pablo Adame (The Lost Girl)

Best Actor (Male):
Hyder Kazmi (Jihad)

Best Score:
The Lost Girl (Pablo Adame)

Best Script:
Diamond Award: The Good Son (Tiffany J. Hanssen)
Platinum Award: At The Mercy Of Faith (Samuel Taylor)
Gold Award: The Bohemian Alchemist (Lucia Braccalenti)
Silver Award: The Color Of Evil (Connie Corcoran Wilson, M.S.)